We've been in the same boat...and there is support

Advisory and Consultancy

Standing By, Ready To Assist

Operating a company in the Maritime Industry can seem like a daunting process, we know as we have been immersed in this space collectively for over 65 years. From our experiences, we can offer temporary help, guidance or advice at a very high level.
We can assume a fractional Consulting role, or an ongoing co-piloting role, or even assist you with your Operator Plans and Company Procedures. 

Enhance Your Compliance Standards

By implementing a comprehensive, relevant, purposeful strategies for business, you can rest assured that your business is rock-solid, more productive, purposeful and successful!

Commercially Qualified

Your Advisors have not only been involved in the industry, but also hold Commercial Master Qualifications, - they understand what it's like to be behind the ship's wheel and behind the desk with the operating processes too. 

Highly Professional

We have worked with companies of all shapes and sizes, from a single vessel, through to a multi-fleet operation and can help you by offering professional, timely, detailed support based focused on you needs!

Global Network

That old saying 'A Ships Safe In The Harbour But That's Not What It's Designed For' is true. Your boat maybe destined for offshore travel. No matter the location, the country or the compliance regulations, we have an Industry Expert here to help you! 

Working with an Advisor can ...

Sail You To Success

We have helped multiple Operations enhance Safety, Compliance and Efficiencies by improving their systems and aligning to Maritime Compliance Standards, and we can help you too!
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