"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

Integrations and Customisations

Integrate & Combine Your Data

If you find you are inefficiently bouncing back and forth using different software solutions, wasting your time and struggling to consume information from multiple places, we can help! Now is the time to integrate your solutions and consolidate the information you need all into the one place.

Working Smarter Together

Integrate SeaLogs with your favourite software solutions to streamline the processes in your business, helping you be more productive, purposeful and successful!

Vessel Tracking Options

Talk to us about our Vessel Tracking solutions, and how best to integrate your current software into your Logbook.

Weather and Tide Data

Do you need specific Weather data or Tidal stations for your Operation? Talk to us to find out more today. 

Crew Training, Hours and Details

Integrate SeaLogs with your HR Software to keep a record of the time your Crew spend with your Company. 

With Customisations we can ...

Create Your Perfect Solution

We have helped multiple Operations improve their systems and we can help you too!
Are there are parts of SeaLogs that you need changing to suit your Vessel and Operation?
Talk to us today!

How Customisations Can Help


Aligned To Your Needs

Your Vessel and Operation is unique to you, and we appreciate that not all 'square pegs can fit into round holes'. Customisations create the ability to design and tailor specific sections of SeaLogs to suit your needs. 


Save On Development Time and Costs

Let's face it, developing a software solution is an expensive process! With Customisations, you have the freedom to add changes or modifications to only what you need, along with the hassle of planning, design, development and future upgrades, leave that side of things to us! 


Improve Business Performance

Running a Maritime business it's vital that the software solutions you're using helps to make your life easier, better and supports you in your role. 

You need the tricks and tools that help you to succeed and stand out from your competition. At SeaLogs we strive to be a 'universal fit' for a large variety of Operators, yet the ability to customise SeaLogs can ensure that every requirement is taken into account, solving your issue and providing a sustainable solution to grow with you in the future. 


And more...

The power of having a customisable option to tailor SeaLogs to suit your specifications presents a unique opportunity to create the perfect-est solution that your operation requires!