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Inventory and Tasks

Less Pain is Your Gain!

Are you tired of all the paperwork and have been thinking about going digital for a while now?

If stress levels have increased recently due to a preventable breakdown, inefficient spending or poor communication - now is the time to digitalise, consolidate and streamline your processes and we have a great solution for you it's called Inventory and Tasks!

It's Not Another Generic Maintenance System

Leveraging off the foundation of your logbook you need a flexible, customisable solution to improve the safety, compliance and processes so you become more productive, proactive and successful in your business. 

Upload Inventory Items

Input Item, Add Details
Customise to Suit

Create Recurring Tasks

Create, Track and Monitor Recurring Tasks for Inventory Items.

Add Once-Off/Ad-Hoc Tasks

Capture Maintenance, Improvements and other Ad-hoc Tasks at ease!

You know the Boat is Compliant

Wave with Confidence

We have helped digitalise multiple Operations to improve their systems and we can help you too! That way when your vessel departs on a trip, you know exactly the status of the Inventory, Tasks and Equipment onboard. 
Staying safe while at sea for you and for me!

Why You Need Our Inventory and Tasks


Reduce Costs

When a vessel breaks down in the middle of the peak season, it can cost you thousands of dollars! Not only is there expensive repairs, wasted downtime, but also the impact on the customers! We help you to plan in advance for Engine Services, Inspections, and more, don't leave things to chance. A proactive approach in business will save you $$$ in the long term!


Improve Efficiencies

With our Inventory and Tasks add-on module, you no longer need to go onboard your vessel to check if the Crew are doing their inspections and making sure equipment is up to date.
Find out instantly, at any time, from any location and using any device!


Save Time

Is poor communication wasting your time? When a boat departs on a trip, do you really know that the Fire Extinguishers are safe and in service? How often do you double-check the work completed by the Crew? Now you can see the status of ALL equipment Items with one quick glance! No more having to dig through the paperwork, find out instantly wtih SeaLogs. 


And more...

Flexibility is key and with the Inventory and Tasks section, you can create any 'Item', you can group it into any type of 'Category' and set up Recurring or Ad-hoc Tasks at any time. Ultimately you have a powerful, universal approach to capture details such as Safety Equipment, Spare Parts, Crew Certificates, Manuals and much more all in the one common place!